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RosMould Exhibition in Russia
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Meet us at RosMould Moscow Exhibition 2018.6.19-2018.6.21 

    The RosMould is an international trade fair for moldmaking and tooling, design and application development, which takes place every year in the Crocus Expo in Moskau. It is for many years the only show of its kind in the CIS and the post-Soviet territory and since 2007 the Russian sister of the EuroMold in Frankfurt. The internationally oriented RosMould is exclusively available for trade visitors and will be supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Association of Russian Automakers (ARA). The fair sees itself as a communication platform for the presentation of products and innovation for decision makers in this industry and generates unforeseen synergies in terms of process optimization and increased efficiency in the field of product development. With a unique fair concept linking the product areas along the process chain from design to prototype to mass production the main objective is to open particularly European exhibitors and visitors the way for the Russian growth market and thus pave the location Europe. The RosMould contributes to a professional exchange and brings together exhibitors and visitors, including designers, developers, engineers, technicians and managers. Technical conferences and networking events complete the offer of the fair perfectly.

   The RosMould will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, 19. June to Thursday, 21. June 2018 in Moscow.

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